10 Cats That Have Been Stung by Bees and Wasps

Cats are funny creatures and try some weird things whenever get the chance. They are always trying to chase anything that is moving.  Most of the animals try not to get into trouble but cats are feisty and try to fight everything even bees and wasps. 

We all know what happens if a bee feels threatened, they sting. Most of the time when cats try to fight or eat bees they get stung. 

It is important to know what to do when anything like this happens to your cat so that you can help them in case something severe occurs. 

If a cat is stung by a bee or a wasp the first thing is to remove the sting same as it is done with a person, by scraping the stinger instead of squeezing. In case your cat tried to eat it and got stung in the mouth and throat taking them to a vet is the best option. This can be a life-threatening situation, as the swelling can suffocate your cat.

Here we have a compilation of cats who tried fighting a bee.

#1 The Egyptian mummies must have seen something like this.

#2 This one thought bees will be playful, turns out they are not… poor kitty!

#3 POV when you try to fight a bee and lose your cheek.

#4 Who knew a bee can turn cats back into its ancestors.

#5 The one with zero differences.

#6 Here is the cat version of the Bigfoot.

#7 This is what happens when you do not listen to your mom and try to eat a b bee.

#8 Why does it look like it is becoming a lion? Simba is that you?

#9 This one looks like it is wearing a fuzzy sock or is it Big foot 2.0?

#10 Why does it look animated? and the eyes are so innocent like he did not try to fight a bee.

Author: Prayagni

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