13 Times Actors Improvised And Made Our Favorite Movies Even Better

Often some mistakes in films also turn into iconic scenes.

We all know how boring life can be without movies. We wholeheartedly thank the entertainment industry for ensuring that we all are entertained. Whatever we see in many plays and movies does not always go according to the script. Very often actors also make some such mistakes that are somewhat different from what is written in this group. That’s why the director keeps it in the film and the scene is also appreciated. Here we have 13 such iconic scenes from your favorite movies today. Which were not done according to the original script. But the improvisations were done later by our favorite actors. You scroll down to see how the actors made a place in the hearts of the audience by making these films even better in their way.

#1 “This is Sparta!” from 300 (2007).

We all remember the famous shout of King Leonidas.

Director wanted the actor to whisper this dialogue in a low tone but the actor yelled it loudly and then kicked the Persian messenger into the well.

In doing this scene, all the people present there laughed at him, but the director liked someone infinitely and he has kept it.

#2 “I am the king of the world!” from “Titanic”. (1997)

It was Leonardo DiCaprio’s idea to scream the phrase that he is the king of the world.

In a scene where Jack draws Rose naked and Jack tells her “Over on the bed… ugh… the couch

It was kind of a mistake. The scrip heads over to the couch but the director liked it and kept it.

#3 “Welcome Home” from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2“. (2011)

In a scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Voldemort hugs Darco and says welcome home.

#4 Timothée Chalamet scene from “Call Me By Your Name”. (2017)

In a scene in calling me by your name, Timothee chalamet looks tightly into the camera for 2 seconds. This scene is done by the actor himself.

#5 “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” from the iconic film “The Godfather“. (1972)

The famous phrase from the iconic movie The Godfather leave the gun and take the cannoli is pure improvisation from the actor. The script just only leaves the gun and the actor also adds the cannoli part.

#6 Fight scene from “Fight Club“. (1999)

The fight scene of the famous film Fight Club was an improvisation by Edward Norton and director David Fincher. According to the script, the Norton character was hit on Brad Pitt’s shoulder. But they punched him and Brad Pitt screamed

#7 Peggy Carter touches Captain America in “Captain America: The First Avenger”. (2011)

In the iconic scene where Captain America finds his perfect body. Peggy Carter touches his body.

#8 Saving Private Ryan. (1998)

A scene from Saving Private Ryan where Captain Miller and Private Ryan share their memories about home. This story has been created by the artist himself.

#9 “No one’s ever really gone” from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. (2017)

There was a scene in star war Last Couple where Luke Skywalker tells his sister Lia. No one ever actually went. And kisses her on the forehead.

#10 Lawrence kissing Adams in “American Hustle”. (2013)

In a scene in American Hustle where Rosalyn was arguing with Sydney Prosser. Jennifer Lawrence got so involved in the scene that she kissed Amy Adams aggressively

#11 “I am Iron Man” from “Iron Man”. (2008)

You all remember the famous phrase of Iron Man, I am iron man. This was the improvisation of Robert Downey Jr.

#12 “That’s not a hug, I’m just grabbing the door for you” from “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. (2017)


In a scene from Spider-Man Homecoming where Robert Downey Jr. He’s just holding the door for you that he hasn’t cast yet. There is an improvisation of both actors Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.

#13 The fight scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. (1981)

In a scene in Raiders of the Last Ark where Indiana Johns fights the bad guy. The scene is supposed to be a protracted fight and the actor had to fight the bad guy with a sword as per the script.

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