15 Kids Who Aren’t As Bright As Their Parents Think They Are

These kids ain’t getting a prize any time soon

Perhaps you can even say that they find one to be creative and think outside the box.  So we don’t think any of these kids are dumb.  In fact, all children have only one point of view.  Which adults do not understand. And that’s probably why she’s on this list. That’s why we are supporting these parents to not laugh at their kid’s funny antics and try to straighten them out.

Because if we were in their shoes, we might have laughed at ourselves. Whereas our kids think like we are really mad. So from children weighing themselves without using any known method of talking, their minds are blown away by anything they don’t understand.  If you just want some great stories then you have come to the right place. Scroll down and share it with your friends.

#1 It’s so much better than the metric system.


#2 No way! Really? What a coincidence!


#3 I would be more concerned as to where he learned that.


#4 I think this kid just had his mind blown.


#5 To be fair, he is being very gentle.


#6 What is this? The tale of Hensel and Gretel where the witch is nice?

Almost 2yr old for sale. Been crying for 10 mins cuz he cant get in the oven with the cornbread. Entertaining all offers.

— Don’t DM me shit you can say on the TL! (@SeauxCocoa)

#7 And this is why AirPods are not a good idea when you have kids.

Oh good. My son put my wireless headphones in a plastic container of water to keep them safe. good good good good good good good good good good great fine how wonderful

— Philip DeFranco (@PhillyD)

#8 He will be in for a surprise when he learns that Batman isn’t real.


#9 You know about it don’t you? So I think it worked.

#10 You should take this seriously, your daughter might not have enough air left for her.

#11 The dog is just too cool for the little boy.

#12 Nowhere does it say you can’t eat bath bombs, right?

#13 Sometimes I wonder that too.


#14 It’s f*king raw! Raw I tell you!

#15 I could understand a night bird but a wood penguin? What?

I generally think of myself as an okay father but somehow I forgot to teach my two year old son what an owl was and he thought it was called a wood penguin

— non podhoretz (@crookedroads770)

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