16 Terrible Movie Mistakes That Managed To Evade The Viewer’s Eye

With the help of technology, the film industry has helped to grow a lot. And if you think more about this technology, then in a way it is a great combination of education, technology, money, and creativity. It is because of this wonderful combination that the viewers get a unique experience to remember forever. There have been many such films that have completely changed the paradigm. These movies involve Independence Day. These are films in which aliens are presented in a very unique way. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the best story ever in 22 years because of its amazing graphics, budget, and creativity. And when we see it with the terminator, we call it super artificial intelligence when it was just a concept. All these movies are amazing. And the filmmakers try to do the very best in their power to perfect the storytelling experience.

If we talk, the filmmaker is not a god. One has always tried to be perfect. But often many flaws prove that flaws are part of life. There are many errors that no one gets noticed. And there is a lot of delay in removing them at the time of post-production. And the amazing thing is that even the audience remembers these errors.


#1 In the movie Inglorious Bastards, one of the German officer’s badges disappears in a scene and appears back in a later scene.


#2 In the movie Twilight, a reflection of the camera can be seen in many scenes, a rookie mistake.

#3. In the movie Avatar when Jake opens the capsule, the wheelchair is nowhere to be seen and it reappears in the next scene as he gets up.

#4. In the movie Terminator, when the T-1000’s truck falls over the bridge while he is chasing John, the front window breaks off and in the next scene, they are back

#5 Another mistake from Terminator. Terminator shields John from the bullets that poke holes in his jacket. In the next scene, the jacket can be seen as new without any bullet holes

#6 In the first Avengers movie, when Thor destroys everything around him in the battle of New York, one car’s bumper magically gets repaired as can be seen in the image below

#7 In the movie Dallas Buyers Club, you can see a poster of the car Lamborghini Aventador in the back. The movie is set in 1985 and the supercar was released in 2011

#8 In the movie Titanic, the deck randomly changes in different scenes. 2 Titanics maybe?

#9 In Terminator 3, the plane in which John and Kate fly, the number on the plane magically changes from N3035C to N3973F when it lands

#10 In the classic Pirates of the Caribbean, perhaps there were a few pirates in his crew that were rather too modern for that time. Check out that person far left

#11 In the movie Aliens, Kane is seen wearing a cap under his spacesuit helmet. And in the hospital scene when the helmet is removed and an alien attached to his face is seen, there is no presence of the cap

#12 In the Marie Antoinette biography, a rather modern pair of shoes was seen while the movie was set in the 18th century.

#13 In the movie The Usual Suspects, the airplane can be seen with 4 engines but a few scenes later, it goes down to 2 engines.

#14 In Ted, John was seen holding his phone upside down in one of the scenes.

#15 In the movie Gladiator, we can spot an airplane in ancient Roman times. Pretty sure there were no flying machines in that era.

#16 In the movie Star Ways, one of the stormtroopers can be seen hitting the gate on his way. It’s the far right one. So hilarious.


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