Patient Woman Manages To Get Her 17 Cats and Dogs To Sit Still For A Family Photo

Most pet owners like taking pictures of their pets and talking about how cute they are. However, taking photographs of pets is very difficult and can become a struggle without end. Getting one pet, whether it’s a cat or dog, to sit still for a photo is sometimes close to impossible, so many of us end up with tons of blurry photos.

For this reason, we think that it’s hard to have a photo of many pets sitting still and looking at the camera. However, a woman named Kathy Smith from Corwen, Wales did what seemed impossible: she got her 17 cats and dogs to sit for a lovely family picture.

Rescuing pets and other wildlife in need is Kathy’s passion, so she becomes a proud owner of 8 dogs – Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm and Mishka – and 9 cats. Along with her dogs and cats, she also has 4 budgies, several fish and a baby hedgehog in her care.

She has often surprised visitors with the number of animals she has in her home. Kathy said: ‘People are usually shocked when they come over and realise how many pets we have, the house is mad but we’re used to it.

One day, Kathy decided to capture all of her dogs and cats in one photo. However, it was not easy. She used treats to bribe them into posing patiently in the living room. The dogs all sat for treats, but the cats were another matter.

Kathy kept trying to get photos of the cats and dogs all together but some of them were always out of frame. However, she didn’t give up. Finally, in a moment of total fate, she was able to get all 17 of them to sit still for a perfect family photo.

Kathy Smith said that it took her numerous treats and several weeks to achieve. For this reason, she was so happy when she captured the heart-warming snap of her pets before they scattered and began to play. ‘I was so thrilled when I realised I’d captured this shot – it’s like a little family photo,” Kathy said.

We can’t believe in my eyes when looking at the amazing photo of 17 cats and dogs sitting in the living room. The photo has since gone viral online and people can’t get enough of it.

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