19 Illustrations that show the funny differences between DOGS and CATS

There is an ongoing battle between cats and dog owners on which one is better. This constant banter inspired an artist to draw the animals as if they could talk. 

Jamie Craig launched a comic collection named “They Can Talk” in July 2015.  Humor writer and artist offers 100 colorful comics.  It includes the inner thoughts of creatures from across the animal kingdom. From misunderstood sharks and trouble-making bears to the often complicated relationship between you and your pet cat or dog.

He always loved animals and comedians. Talking about the animals he said he always tries to imagine what these animals would be saying. He says he has studied the minds of creatures, constantly discovering how they see the world. 

Jamie likes to think of animals as humans who have their personalities and it is nice to imagine their conversations. 

Scroll down and enjoy our best picks from Jamie Craig’s “They Can Talk” comics.

#1 Just a curious cat.

#2 All of them are important responsibilities.

#3 Believe me I tried


#4 I need to tell everybody to calm down.

#5 The only way to find out is this.

#6 Is foot petting a thing people do?

#7 How does it keep on happening?

#8 This is what cheating looks like.

#9 First pay the toll then you can pass

#10 Which channel is it? I wanna be included too.

#11 Cat is just trying to teach you the art of minimalism.

#12 I did not ask you to touch me with your filthy hands.

#13 I will be sad if I want to.

#14 Humans  and their silly mistakes

#15 Just keep me posted, I am busy under the bed.

#16 Help a friend out, would you?

#17 Gotta do the smart work, not hard work.

#18 Cats, Christmas, and chaos go hand in hand.

#19 You can never trust these humans with their lies.

From connecting with people to enjoying fun, these comedians show that these beautiful animals amaze us every day.

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