20 funny Comics that explain the endless Battle between Brain and the heart

Today we are introducing you to an artist who draws amazing illustrations featuring brain and heart. Nick Seluk aka TheAkwardYeti draws the best rivalry in history i.e Brain and heart.

Brain versus heart has been a topic of debate for the longest time.

Nick tries to imagine if the brain could hear other organs talk and reason with him, how would that go. Most of us must have felt that there is a constant war going on between the heart and the brain inside all of us. These two organs often conflict with each other in most matters. The heart wants to live the life fullest and not think about consequences while the brain, on the other hand, wants to be calculative and safe. The Heart warks based on emotions and feelings while the brain wants to be more rational and practical about things. Even after having these differences, they work along in full harmony every day.

He has featured many organs in his illustrations talking and having a conversation with the brain. The comics are witty and give us a new perspective to us to see our body organs. Seeing them in their alive form and having a personality is hilarious.

Scroll down and enjoy our best picks from TheAkwardYeti’s illustrations.

#1 The circle of life

#2 There is never enough

#3 Too bad for those

#4 You are my blind spot

#5 Never listening… lack of attention.

#6 Some special time with me

#7 Cough!!

#8 still waiting for things to happen

#9 Need more and more

#10 A fascinating story

#11 The heart is always right!!

#12 They say coffee is addictive

#13 The circle of life… Nothing is going to change

#14 Always falls for the same trick


#16 Why does it happen always.

#17 I think my heart wants to cheat

#18 Overthinking at its peak

#19 Sometimes you just gotta appreciate the moment.

#20 No one in the body likes healthy food.

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