20 Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor

Today we are introducing you to an amazing comic artist Tyler Martin.  Martin is a famous and self-trained comic artist. He spent most of his time in the art room in secondary school. 

In the last part of the nineties, he began working on publicizing and posting his advanced artwork on the Web. He made a genuinely famous webpage that had animation forms of musical gangs. It got him more projects and martin ended up creating stages and sites for posting comics instead of making them.

Martin always wanted to draw comics, hence he introduced Wally and Osborne. It is a comic about a lost polar bear becoming friends with a penguin in Antarctica. This is how he ended up with Puddlemunch.

While talking about Puddlemunch in an interview martin said “Being significantly less prohibitive than Wally and Osborne, Puddlemunch gives me the opportunity to practically make any silly situation that flies into my brain”.

His perspective on looking at a particular situation, putting it into just four boxes, and yet being clever and funny is commendable. 

According to Martin, he likes to poke fun at the levels of complexity we add to our otherwise simple existence.  “We are silly and we know it. We also have some dark realities: if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry,” says Martin.



There are quite a few characters who appear in the comics often and some of them are animals. The artist says maybe one day he will like the characters enough to name them.

Martin’s comics feature many characters like a bear, a rabbit, and a bald yellow T-shirt guy. 

According to Martin rabbit is impulsive and lives in the moment while the bear is the one who keeps us in line with a reality check. Explaining the bald yellow-shirt guy he said-  “He is fun, just for the horrible things that happen to him and I can sometimes relate to being too passive in such a competitive world. Toby and his mustached dad are the dark-humored sides of parenting that I have experienced as both a child and a parent.”

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