20 Weirdest Comics Filled With Hilarious Sentences By Artist Brooke Karras

Today we are going to introduce you to the talented artist Brooke Karras Sim. You too can enjoy their food-themed webcomics in a fun way. This talented artist creates her comics with unexpected twists and hilarious illustrations. The artist’s comics are also called the Breakfast Club. Her comics are full of funny jokes. People laugh a lot after reading these and their heavy day becomes good too. By filling the comics of the artist, everyone can make their day full of stress. A good smile will come to your face as soon as you read their comics.

The talented artist states that she started comics as personal projects to challenge herself to draw every day. Ans as well as learn how to create comics on a tablet. The artist says that as a child, she loved to read Sunday comics. One of the artist’s biggest inspirations was Calvin and Hobbes. The real aim of the artist is to create a place in the mind of the people. And on the Instagram platform too, she keeps presenting artwork samples for her fans from time to time. You can also visit the artist’s Instagram for more information. People have liked the comics of this artist so much that he has got 70k fans on Instagram. If you also like this art then share it with your friends.






















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