26 Hilarious Horror Movie Jokes That Are Very Accurate

Do you also think that horror movies are okay?

All this suspense starts with the trailer of horror films. The first half is hidden by the dialogues of the actors. And then the suspense build-up is done. Due to this gradually enthusiasm is seen among the audience. This is followed by a few jumpscares, and then the screen goes black with the main character. Like it’s coming only for us.

This is pretty much 80% of the horror movies trailer amount. Viewers have to say that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen a decent horror movie. Which doesn’t have an unreal story. Horror movies are starting to become lonely. If it’s about a haunted house. So it’s usually a whopping 3 moving and they try to move forward in a huge mansion. Such things also become boring after a certain time. These days movies are shown as scary but in reality, they are not so scary. The movie wouldn’t be scary at all if it weren’t for the jump.

Many people also use humor to deal with horror stories. We know how intimidating this fear can be. And many people on Twitter have decided to be movie critics and make jokes about horror movies.

1. They are having the time of their lives in the first half.


2. I don’t believe them one bit.


3. I don’t think it works that way, buddy.


4. Who does that? Super unrealistic!


5. Throw them in the bin.


6. Disney movies are for comfort after all that fear.


7. She is speaking facts.


8. That’s me in real life too.


9. Love her costume though!


10. If I’m going to die, that’s how I want to die.


11. Hollywood got to Chucky.


12. Maybe that’s why he’s killing everyone.


13. Why does this tweet exist?


14. Children singing in horror movies are terrifying.


15. A dog’s horror movie.


16. What are you going to do with all that extra space? No wonder demons share the house with you.


17. This one hurts.


18. Just don’t buy dolls, that’s even better.


19. This is so accurate!


20. The ghost cares about the environment.


21. He deserved it.


22. We know what happened when he was thrown in the bin.


23. Searching about old cases or towns.


24. His time has come.


25. That’s how it should be.


26. I wonder why Rihanna wrote that?


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