27 Witty Single-Panel Comics By Nate Fakes With Hilarious Twists

A single-panel comic is enough to express itself. And Nat Fakes is the perfect example of a comics illustrator too. Nat’s work is amazing and people love to read too. Artist is perfectly capable of promoting a long tiring stimulus. The finest art of the Nat can lift the mood of all the people. Growing up, Nat drew his inspiration for art from great cartoonists like Calvin and Hots.

During this artist’s childhood, his parents supported him by giving him markers and a pen. For this reason, the artist developed his interest to another level and moved on. Fans of the artist say that it takes a lot of time to make a cartoon. Whereas this talented artist can make his nice colorful cartoon in one and a half hours. Artists does this because of their passion and hard work.  Nat takes about 2 to 3 hours to come and color all of the characters in the novel. And it is mind-blowing. It is not easy at all and for every artist, it is also the result of his passion for his work.

This artist has left his mark through his wonderful creative ideas. Fans are giving love to their artwork openly. We too have come up with 27 funny single panel comics from Nat to ensure your entertainment. We hope that after reading this your heavy day will be filled with humor. If you like it, then share it with your friends and make their mood good too.

1. Close to death



2. The conspiracy of power


3. The famous cow


4. Flirty Hammer


5. Look the Earth people is obsessed with us



6. Best protection ever


7. Beware of bullies

8. Such a good place to shit


9. We all have corrective lens in our life


10. This guy is low on serotonin


11. Don’t ever let your boss chew you out


12. The sole to be saved


13. Out of their league


14. Cool cheddar


15. Spidey Date


16. Ultimate skill sharpener


17. Street artist 101


18. We all should open up sometimes


19. If he was a smartphone, he wouldn’t have had flunked


20. Ever wondered octopuses use which hand to write


21. Give dragons some space


22. He can’t always fix things.

23. Bubblegum studio


24. The cookie detective


25. Signboards are always useless


26. Rescue cat to the rescue


27. A week wacker is an ultimate need


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