28 Comics With An Unexpected Disturbing Twists By Toonhole Chris

Meet the Talented Artist Chris Allison, the talented artist also known as Toonhole Chris.  This talented artist has got almost 10 years of experience in drawing comics. Not only does the artist create his comics under the name of Toonhole Chris, but he is also the main artist in Warner Bros. It must be coming to your mind that what is it in the comics of the artist that makes him different? We would like to tell you that the artist’s excellent style and tone, due to these two things, are different. Not only is it unbelievably funny but the artist has also been using dark humor very well to grab the attention of his audience. The cast resonates with the audience in a very specific and open manner. All the fans of the artist give him a lot of love in return.

The artist also regularly showcases his artwork on the Instagram platform. The artist shows his work thereby sharing some parts of his art with his fans. The artist very much loves to deliver hilarious dark jokes. He is talented in capturing the interest of his audience and has garnered around 100k fans daily. Not only does the artist create amazing caricatures with his artwork, but he is also really popular among teenagers and especially young people. The artist wants to be a constant entertainer to his audience with his amazing stories and graphics. Chris also wants to start work on live-action as well. We sincerely hope that he will be successful in doing this.

1. Kitten knows what it is doing…

2. Hahaha! This one is actually hilarious.

3. We’ve all been there Mr. Drac

4. Now that is a cult even I would like to be a part of

5. ‘How can you… do… that?’

6. You can’t save the moon now too

7. Someone succeeded!

8. We all want to spend a normal life.

9. Oh boy, you even managed to piss Michaelangelo off!

10. I feel you moon!


11. Neighbor?



12. That is how you grow!


13. That went well…

14. When karma hits you…

15. I felt you on another level

16. Someone please listen!

17. Oops!

18. Some mistakes just stick by you

19. How motivating?

20. Not the way you would’ve wanted to…

21. Bling Bling!

22. You can never trust a fart!

23. Well, you asked for it!

24. ‘That turned me on!’

25. How cool do you have to be?

26. The struggle is real!

27. Your idea of getting high is just very different from mine

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