28 Perfect Low-Cost Cosplay Recreations Of Celebrity Looks By Thai Model (New Pics)

From learnings to entertainment, the Internet is the life of the social world and home to the best creators who put their skills on display for the world to see. And honestly, we are grateful for such platforms for showering us with such amazing talents. Recent sensation to drop jaws is on this cosplaying star Benjaphorn “Sine” Chetsadakan, a cute Instagram plus-size model who recreates the red carpet looks out of food.

Thanks to social media, this 22-year-old from Ratchaburi, has become one of the famous cosplayers around the globe who with her art transform natural hair into 3D sculptures, uses real bugs in beauty looks, and so much more. Her skills have something new to offer every day to the users of the ‘gram.

From Rihanna to Disney’s Princess Ariel to the double-tailed Starbucks mermaid, this cosplayer will make you see your favourite snack in an entirely new light.

1. As Murakami Flower

2. As Hela

3. As Mera

4. As Areeya

5. As Alita Battle Angel

6. As Katty Perry

7. As Victoria’s Secret Angel

8. Poem Dress

9. Story Of Yanxi Palace

10. Icepariss

11. Concept Furniture

12. As Guess Girl

13.Louis Koo

14. Soda Vs Sofa

15. Kimiwamelody

16. Guess Girl

17. Lisa Vs Lizum

18. Dust Scatter

19. Luxury Yichuan

20. As Sekloso

21. As Bangkok Airways

22. As A Little Mermaid

23. Elder Kalama

24. Aum

25. Black Panther

26. Cornetto

27. Mona Lisa

28. Aquaman

Author: Piyali Majumder

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