30 Pics That Show How Much Marvel Heroes Have Changed In 10 Years (Spoiler: Brutal Jokes Inside)

Marvel has changed the name of the whole game

 Even if you don’t like every upcoming Marvel movie. But it cannot be denied that Marvel has had a huge impact on the entertainment industry. It all officially started with Iron Man.  And now we have a lot of his films. All films may not be a masterpiece. But there is also some genuine effort in this and probably many people will not even know that it has been many years since this whole game started.

Many people have grown up watching these heroes. That’s why it’s a Marvel hero. This is where the 10-year challenge also started. Yes, we are well aware that these actors have been there for more than 10 years. But does 10 looks that much better than 13?  That’s why people wanted to post a picture of the transformation of these heroes in those 10 years. Some of these actors changed midway while others grew old like fine wine.

#1 Captain America has come a long way since an Icicle.


#2 This ‘joke’ will always be too soon. We will always miss Stan Lee.


#3 Aunt May got a hold of some great anti-ageing cream.


#4 Thankfully Starlord came back from the ashes.


#5 How does Thanos still have an arm or his head for that matter?


#6 Thor is clearly going through a lot right now.


#7 Groot will never be cuter than how he is when he is a baby.


#8 We all had a love-hate relationship with Loki.


#9 And now we all know how Nick Fury got that scar.


#10 We don’t speak of that Deadpool.


#11 We will all miss Black Widow in the new avengers.


#12 I think Drax became invisible because he was standing very still.


#13 This is just sad.


#14 Wolverine had his time and it was absolutely a ride.


#15 Asgard didn’t even know what hit it.


#16 The human torch has come a long way.


#17 This is one way to show the progression of CGI.



#18 The timeline is just confusing when it comes to X-Men.


#19 It started with Tony Stark and it ended with him.


#20 I guess we are not going to mention the spider-man who came in between.


#21 Both actors played magneto perfectly.


#22 The Daredevil in the Netflix show is actually great.


#23 Venom looks much scarier now even if you don’t like the new movies.


#24 So basically Hawkeye remained the same?


#25 Don made this character iconic.


#26 The new Storm is lovely.


#27 Scarlet Witch did come back though.


#28 Bucky Barnes didn’t deserve this.


#29 Juggernaut got better with a lot of CGI.


#30 Apparently Mystique got much bluer in these years.


#31 Red Skull will never truly go away.


#32 A perfect way to celebrate.


#33 I thought we didn’t talk about the new Jean Grey?


#34 Who doesn’t love Rogue?


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