32-Year-Old Independent Modern Woman Draws Comics On Her Observations About Society (30 New Pics)

The artist says that the material of the woman also happens to make the other woman come true. It’s all too much to watch this talented artist. Today we are talking about Lainey Molnar. This is a talented artist. Which creates related comics about self-acceptance, motherhood, refusal to follow social stereotypes, and freedom of choice. The effect of her comics is directly visible in the mentality of her fans. The fans of this talented artist are very much influenced by her. The artistry is clever and very current comics by nature make for everyday situations. Men can also be rivals after seeing this artist’s comics. You can enjoy the artist’s work given below. If you find these comics very impressive then don’t forget to share them with your friend. We sincerely hope that once you see the artist’s work, you too will become a die-hard fan of her.


This talented artist says she has a mile-and-long list of unique illustration ideas on the phone. The artist states that she sometimes literally wakes up in the middle of the night and tries not to write comics. The artist explains that whenever she sees something inspiring, she grabs her phone to make notes. The artist also told Bored Panda about her creative process during the conversation. The artist said that whenever she sits down to draw, she looks at the list from you and sees what is banned at that time. The artist explains that he draws digitally on an iPad.



Asked the artist if any of her drawings are her favorite. The artist explained that she compares someone with a physical health struggle as well as someone with a mental health struggle. The artist says this is an illustration because it is also very personal. The artist struggled with her mental health for 18 years of her life. And he knows how hard it is to deal with invisible diseases.





























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