34 Evil Versions Of All Of Your Favorite Characters From DC And Marvel Comics

Have you ever wondered how your favorite comic characters would appear to you as evil?


Art can be found anywhere in the world. It is indeed present around us in many different shapes, forms, and styles. It can be made from any material. Art is like the nonverbal language of love. It is the reflected true inner feelings.

Art can tell everything about an artist to an artist. Being an artist is probably the most peaceful work. In this work, you can forget all the limitations and allow your imagination to flow freely. You can also search as per your wish. Being an artist, you will also get a chance to express your personality openly. But the reality is that we have to accept that art is not an easy task.

Artists in the real world have to face so much criticism which can be very unbearable. Not everyone can handle such criticism easily. These criticisms are all set to affect one’s mental health as well. We should understand that even after facing so many criticisms, the artist does not allow himself to be demotivated. And this is his real test as well. Art takes us to a different subconscious space. It helps to broaden our minds. Every artist has a unique style as well as a signature style. Every person is different from each other, in the same way, every artist also presents his artwork differently from each other.

Truly artistic people are taking their creativity to a whole new level. All these people can take their place in the minds of the people through their talent. Many changes can also be seen in the lives of common people due to the increase in the art of all the artists.

In today’s time, such heavy stress is reduced by reading some comics from the artist. Then really the artist is worthy of praise. We have to say that we are amazed by the talent of the artist.  The pictures given below are amazing and it also showcases the talent of the artists very well.

All these artists are so creative and talented, that they deserve more recognition. Wait until we tell you how artists are using their talents. We’ve got for you some amazing pictures of DC and Marvel comics characters created by many amazing artists. Transformed these characters into bad versions of them and that’s awesome. You scroll down and enjoy it.

1. Superman.

2. Captain America.

3. Thor.

4. Bane.

5. Batman.

6. Black Widow.

7. Bullseye.

8. Hawkeye.

9. Captain New World.

10. Carnage.

11. Darkside.

12. Deadpool.

13. Death Knight.

14. Deathstroke.

15. Nightwing.

16. Iron Dark.

17. Iron Spider Man.

18. Iron Man.

19. Aquaman.

20. Cyborg.

21. Wonder Woman.

22. Swap Thing.

24. Raven.

25. Flash.

26. Hulk.

27. Scarlet Witch.

28. Black Panther.

29. Wolverine + Carnage.

30. Thanos.

31. Vision.

32. Ultron.

33. Venom.

34. Spider-Man.

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