40 Comics About Hilarious Situations With Unexpected Endings

You too should get ready to be surprised by some plot twists.

Comics are everyone’s favorite with plot twists and unexpected modes. We think there will hardly be any person who does not like to read comics with such a twist. Reading comics is a lot of fun. But when the story takes an unexpected turn it becomes even more interesting to read. This time around we have the best artist available to share the 4-panel images with you guys. It can make your tough days a little brighter and better by sharing comics with nice twists and unexpected modes with you. Viewers can read all these comics in their spare time. The ideas and fantasies behind these excellent illustrations are undoubtedly always worthy of praise. And it is so great that it is often difficult to understand them. That’s why you can also understand that comics are not for everyone.

Many times it happens that these comics are running for a long time. But new ones are always popping up with unseen ideas and new concepts. Everything we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived in the form of the comics series columscomics. Comics makers sometimes prefer to keep their comedy dark.  His cartoons also usually have surprising endings with twists. It is so full of humor that we have never even imagined it before.  We bring you some of the most amazing panels.  You can enjoy them by scrolling down. It’s a lot of fun and full of twists.

1. Lonely Guy waiting for Lady Dimitrescu!

2. What if Charmander’s tail goes out?

3. Stay a while and listen!

4. Whatever, forget the rules!

5. Of course, it will hurt!

6. This four-panel illustration perfectly sums up our lives

7. Hacker’s life!

8. Rain sounds to be nice and calming. No?

9. Burn that little elf…please

10. Funny and disturbing at the same time

11. Well, resting is being productive

12. Every movie is like…destroy the whole city

13. Oops! Poor guy

14. The shock jumped him up or what?

15. Destruction Level: Infinity!

16. That tiny bang tho!

17. When you upgrade too much

18. …when you are broke

19. Redbull gave this Santa wings to fly

20. Damn!, water is water, drink it

21. Welcome to the experiment session, dummy

22. Coolest Dad Joke!

23. Deaf or Death?

24. Dumb Police!

25. Saint Patrick and snakes

26. Too relatable! Do whatever is best for you

27. Umm, we were expecting a different kind of swing!!

28. Thanks Godness, it was not Wailord

29. On Point Humor

30. Now that was an unexpected turn

31. Never hire singles as a Bartender

32. Damn! That was cute…

33. Best Deadly pickup lines so far

34. Well, a turn we didn’t expect

35. Crap! who kisses a corpse found in a forest…

36. Ironman’s nightmare! That’s why he uses his system rather than Microsoft

37. “Nah girl, em a Good BOI!

38. That’s how we have imagined Robin Hood

39. …we all practice before making a call. No?

40. Just dance on the ringtone and stare at the phone until it stops

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