There have been a good evolution done by the artists of Little Mermaid since its starting. In the below, you will see images of the Ocean Pollution imagination over time.


#1 Stephanie Hermes, a German artist, created a modern-day mermaid.

#2. Her series titled “The Little Trashmaid” imagine the ocean pollution that is depressing.

#3. Artist believed that everyone could become an artist as long as they have enthusiasm, desire, and ample drawing inspiration.

#4. Inspired by American cartoons with a touch of Japanese anime, Stephanie Hermes’s series is accurate to find depressed expressions.

#5. Drawing funny expressions along with cartoons is picture-perfect for sharing heart-touching views. 

#6. It was crazy to think about what a mermaid would wear and what would she find in the ocean.

#7. “Then a plastic bag hit my mind. There I came up with several new ideas and more stuff to add” said artist.

#8. Artist wondered if modern mermaid can have a beautiful life. No, a modern mermaid has to deal with plastic waste and pollution in the ocean.

#9. “Our people are not only the species living on this planet. It’s our responsibility to pay attention to our surroundings as well,” said a German artist.

#10. Seeing horrible pictures of polluted oceans doesn’t strike you? It’s the need of an hour to do something about this problem.

#11. The artist continued “There is a lot that we humans can do”. Promote plastic recycling, conserve water, and use environmentally safe products.

#12. We, humans, need the earth, so we have to take care of it. Stephanie Hermes continued “Plant trees instead of cutting them”.

#13. “The Little Trashmaid”, artist drawings display ocean pollution. It’s quite depressing to see what’s going to happen in the coming future.

#14. Will there be more plastic instead of fish in the sea by the 21st century? A serious question arises after picturing mermaid living.

#15. Say no to products made of marine life and support anti-pollution organizations to help mermaid and save ourselves.


Author: Rashi

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