A Tribute By Artists to The Murdered of Mother Elephant

Animals need proper care as humans. Showing sympathy for them also defines human humanity. The case in Kerala for an mother elephant’s death arose when it bit a pineapple full of firecrackers. After a bite, firecrackers exploded, which damaged its entire jaw, leaving the elephant into severe pain.

From where did these Firecrackers come?

Farmers in Kerala put crackers in food and plants on field edges so that animals would not harm crops. However, Forest Minister, Mohan Krishan himself tried to rescue an elephant with his team. Later he shared the entire story on Facebook.

See what Minister Reported:

She must have trusted everyone until a pineapple exploded in her mouth.The incident shocked her to save her child as she was to be a mother in the next 18 months.

The elephant came from Silent Valley National Park for searching for good food. Finally, she reached the Malappuram District. Menka Gandhi reported that Malapurram turned into the most dangerous place for wild animals.

Menka Gandhi said it is a murder and these are very common in the district. People usually throw poison on roads turning the most violent district in India.

Mohan Krishan reported that the explosion had injured elephant very severely. Even it did not harm people around when screaming in pain. Later she found Velliyar River and put her head partially underwater. Two elephants were to help her out, but couldn’t.

Eventually, the 15 years old Elephant died, and officials have to take it to the forest back in their truck. Now a case has registered for the murder of an elephant. Even two organizations are offering rewards for the complete information to lead arrest.

The entire social media is now full of the post of the poor animal, as stated by the Forest Minister. Even many are feeling sorry for this unlawful step.

Here are some artworks promoted by the people on Social Media to pay tribute to the dead animal.






































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