Absolute Dumbest Posts That People Actually Posted On Twitter.

Social Media, The New Era.

Remember the time when we use to play outside, wait for our friends for a friendly cricket match or for a match of football. I guess you all can recall your childhood memories that are now long gone because of the advancement in the technology. Yes we all are now spending most of our valuable time on social media. From chatting with each other to posting things , we literally are spending our every second on our phone and that’s why outdoor activities are vanishing day by day. From Twitter to Instagram, we are totally addicted to social media.

With social media apps like twitter, Instagram, whats app and many more, people are sharing their life on these apps and the most powerful and mostly used is Twitter. For gaining followers and sharing of the views people are actually posting many things on the twitter. some of them are actually genuine and true and most of the other people actually support them by re tweeting their tweet and giving their own views while some of the people post absolute dumb content and its hard to stop laughing.

Scroll down below to see some of the dumbest tweets that people actually made it to the twitter.

Hope You enjoy it. Have Fun Guys!

1. I bet he failed in Mathematics.


2. On Biology.

3. Please Tell her. Please.

4. Well this one is on returns.

5. You Realized it soon buddy.

6. So Dumb.

7. What is wrong with the caption? LOL.

8. Yes They Exist.

9. This one is on Bats.

10. This one for the Italian Lovers.

11. 0 can only represent 0 years old, so what about 10 years or 20 years old?

12. Maybe.

13. Have you tried that before?

14. We first boyal them.

15. Please have some grammar made synonym rolls.

16. Just tell her How?

17. Well this one is on credit cards.

18. Seriously what?

19. No Opinion on sports.

20. This one is on spellings.

21. A bird leaf or feather? Are they different?

22. I don’t care anymore.

23. There are so many more.

24. Be aware of the government.

25. Choose the right path even its left.

26. I need is my pride.

27. This one is on the photography.

28. No Gloves, Just socks for hands.

29. These noodles bout to be good af.

30. Twisted Moods.

31. What are they sayin?

32. Another one on vaccine.

33. Human Beans and the rice.







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