Funny Memes For Anyone Who Can’t Resist Clicking ‘Add To Cart’

Social media now a days is full of funny content and hilarious tweets. A lot of meme addicts and meme lovers scroll the entire social media for these type of funny memes. Memes can actually lighten up your mood and can make you laugh endlessly. They are the ultimate source of happiness and laughter in your life. for girls, their ultimate source of happiness can be  shopping. Everyone has a secret shopping addiction, whether going for a mall or trying everything of your choice in your fav. store or going for online shopping, it has become a  huge part of our life. Shopping brings out an excitement that makes everyone feel so good. You do like to buy new things, i mean who don’t. So if you are a crazy shopper like me, you are gonna love these new memes and surely want to add these to your cart.

1. Well that’s me.

I always wait for like hours if my package says its arriving today. I mean its no shame right, I am gonna open it the second it comes and i will not be sorry for this.

2. I am crazy for shopping, If i like it i am gonna add this to my cart and check out even if i don’t need it.

Probably my dark side will always encourage me to buy more and more products so i am gonna do the same and worry about it later.

3. Shipping charges. Aghh! I hate shipping.

Is it just me or you all get really annoyed when you don’t get free shipping? I mean its not worth spending 1000 Rs. on my products on which i have to spend Rs. 100 more for the shipping.

4. I need to think about it.

I may have to act like i am thinking about it. I usually think about the price and then i ask a question to myself – is it even worth spending 1500 Rs. for that sweater? I know that i am not gonna walk out of that store without buying anything.

5. Not even mad. just gonna run it.

Whatever happens, happens for a reason. I hope it runs through easily but i won’t feel bad if it gets denied. I have been there.

6. What took you so long?

I can use that CSV receipt for so many things. I am good at recycling. One of then can be scarf, other use can be as a tissue paper. They are just so long for a good reason.

7. Same story, different day?

I know its a bad habit, but its me, one day for sure i will check out. I am not gonna say that i don’t need these things but looking at the cart subtotal i can say nope.

8. what about my cart and my products?

If my debit card could talk, it will always gonna ask me one question – Again? Are you sure about it? Just think about it once. You are spending a lot.

9. Always and forever.

All in all, Bed Bath & beyond is the most stable thing in my life. it never lets me down nor it disappoints me, always sends me my coupons and has tons of stuff!

10. Where you go to buy things you don’t need, but you need.

Target is a type of store where you walk in and immediately think about absolutely everything that they have on their shelves. This is where our debit card dies.

11. It happens.

My mail man knows me by my name, he always hands me all of my packages and always smiles back when it comes from my favorite store. i love to see him and he loves to see me.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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