A Litter Of Five Adorable Maine Coon Kittens Was Born With Grumpy Faces

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed. They are kittens in gentle giants who are sweet and friendly. They are well suited to any home with people who will love them and their gorgeous coats. They love their family but are not demanding of attention. They will follow you around and show an interest in what you’re doing, and if you’d like to give them some cuddles, well, they are all in favor of that, too.

No Maine Coon cat is straightforward – they all have their own little peculiarities and traits that make them lovable in their very own way. While these long-haired felines have many distinctive features that separate them from other cats, there are some Maine Coon cats have caught the attention of the Internet, not only for their quirky personality but for their quirky looks.

Recently, a cattery called Catsvill County shared photos of 5 cute grey kittens on social media, and people instantly noticed they all have quite distinctive faces. The cats are in a litter, and all of them look a bit like grumpy old men. In fact, some of them are so peculiar that they look like… human faces.

The kittens all look quite similar too, so it’s hard to tell them apart. But no matter how their faces are, all of them are just as adorable!

A Facebook user commented: “To be honest, they creep me out a little, but like all cats, I would probably fall in love with them within the 1st minute I saw their pictures.”

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