These People Captured Themselves With Some Aggressive Statues And The Results Were Hilarious.

You have seen artist with his amazing capability of turning his every imagination into reality. You might have seen a psychologist with his amazing capability of reading minds, you might have seen a music composer and a singer with their amazing capabilities of recording songs in their own unique way. What i am trying to depict here is that every body has a skill set of their own, everybody is capable of something and thus with their skill sets they achieve success and become famous. So don’t worry if you are not able to find your skill set, wait for things to happen and automatically you will get to know your skill set.

Now photographers are also persons having next level photography skills. They make the fake photos look so real with their editing skills. Some people are so creative that they take advantage of their surrounding and create something so magical and impressive that its hard to believe if they are actual or fake. With a gesture here and a flourish there, they can turn a baseball player into a bat weilding bronze demon getting ready to take a revenge. The world is full of aggressive statues of the soldiers and the generals and people are taking full advantage of it to create some of their amazing scenes. They are creative and full of laughter.

So scroll down with me to see how these people managed to click a picture and create a scene with the angry and aggressive statues.

1. Please save me! Else i am gonna get crushed.

2. That’s a definite piece of art and you are killing it with your expressions man.

3. Oooh ! That had to hurt. I hope he is okay with his documents.

4. Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! Where are you taking me man?

5. What they are gonna do next?

6. A perfect mixture of a good shot and good expressions.

7. Hands Up. Otherwise i’m gonna shoot.

8. Well hello partner.

9. Well another amazing shot with some amazing expressions.

10. Are you ignoring me you idiot.

11. A perfect way to play ice hockey.

12. I don’t know why she hit her so hard.

13. A perfect way to steal someone’s girlfriend. LOL.

14. Even spider man is unable to get rid of this man.

15. Please save her, otherwise he is gonna grab her.

16. A perfect kick and a perfect click does not exist.

17. Perfect expressions and style.

18. Are you gonna accept it or not?


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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