‘Black Cat’ Comic’s Artist Is Back With Another Tearjerker, And It Might Be Her Saddest One Yet

Jenny Jinya An artist And A digital media student from Germany has earned thousands of followers on several platforms from her amazing comic “Animal-Meet-Death”If you are concerned with this idea, don’t be. Not only do comics strongly advocate animal rights, but the Death Edition of Jenny is also not a villain.

 Rather, a kind guide who leads critters to their new home.  You might recall shedding a tear over her ‘Abandoned Bunny’ or perhaps her ‘Good Boy’ comics that sought to draw awareness to neglect.

The series started off with ‘Good Boy’ & ‘Black Cat’.

And eventually moved elephants, but this time Jenny directs everyone’s attention to neglected animals we rarely talk about as suffering pets — parrots.

On the other hand, the illustrator also addresses the far-reaching consequences of plastic pollution and how wild animals tend to suffer from it. Creating empathy for the animals’ causalities of human actions, Jenny has recently drawn her followers’ attention to the neglected animals that are rarely talked about as suffering pets. Here’s she’s talking about Parrots.


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 Jenny shared that there are many reasons where parents buy their children with small palm pets. “Just like Fish or A Mouse or A bird. But when these small pets make something dirty or mess something up, they feel that they should have done some more research before carrying them.

Parrots like budgerigars are small, pretty, and also quite inexpensive. Often, it is probably underestimated how wild and complex these animals are. We are talking about foreign birds that are wild inherently. These birds are not like that you put them like a decoration thing. they are loud, they want to fly, they need attention. You cant just put them next to grandmas flower pot and ignore them, Jenny explained.

Here’s what the artist had to say when sharing the comic:

And highlighted that pets can be great And so much friendly and very important to children.  “That being said, parents should be aware that a child may not always be able to meet all the requirements of an animal. Do not leave such responsibility to children because they are still children, they do not understand so much, And before buying, enough information should be taken from any knowledgeable person.

see how the people responded to it:


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