These Animal Facts Are The One Which You have Never Heard Or Read About.

Mother Nature Teaches Us A Lot Of Things.

The forces of mother nature are around us for all to see, from drastic volcanic eruptions and tidal waves to storms and hurricanes. Mother Nature is everywhere. The best example of mother nature’s magic though is the human body which has always continued to inspire technological developments all over the world. Not only the human beings but animals also have continued to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. They help in maintaining the circle of the biosphere and play a very important part in the food chain too.

But what we are doing ? We as the most sensible and educated humans are disturbing the food chain and the biosphere. Due to the excess of pollution in the cities, deforestation, soil erosion, many animals are becoming extinct and some others are on the verge of becoming extinct. We as humans have to realize the importance of ecosystem. Baboons, grizzly bears and dozens of other species are giving up their habitat and their wild ways as cities, farms and roads fracture habitat. I guess this is a wake up alarm for each one of us to conserve and save our wildlife and mother nature.

Apart from all these issues, a page on the social media called Weird Nature brings you the most unusual facts about the animals around us and you probably didn’t know before. It proves that nature is sometimes too difficult for us to handle.

Did you know Dolphins can recognize a human by their skeletal structure through their sonar?

Scroll down below and get amazed.

1. Well i have no idea what a “popcorning” means!

2. Hey buddy, let’s have a race to see who wins, but you have to run with your feet in the opposite direction.

3. As a mammal they know and they understand each and everything. They often help ship wreck victims fight sharks and stay afloat.

4. Never underestimate an armadillo’s power. You can lose your life like this man did.

5. Owls have unique feather and are often called the ghosts of the birds.

6. Did you know only 5 camas exist have ever existed in the whole world.

7. Raccoons are able to open 11 to 13 complex locks in fewer than ten tries. Now that is somethings i never knew.

8. Aww isn’t it cute. The baby elephants suck on their tongues for their comfort.

9. Hahaha.

10. Now Rabbits have their own way of enjoying their happiness and this is called a “binky”.

11. Now they Poop only once a week. I don’t know how they manage themselves.

12. Their fart bubble is that big.

13. I think they get lost in the aroma of the flowers.

14. They are only 29 in number.

15. Please teach me how to do that.

16. Can we have that power too ?

17. Seriously they don’t roar?

18. Very helpful and considerate.

19. Sleeping in groups together.

20. Well that’s a thing i know now.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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