See How An Artist Can Bring 360 Degree Change in the Characters

Artists know how to design their creative minds beautifully. Digitalization has even helped them to illustrate their story correctly. So, does a Canadian artist, Sakimi Chan, show her creative mind on gender-based pieces? She flipped the gender of pop-culture characters and presented them beautifully and amazingly. This shifting has turned to attractive than the original characters.

Her dreamlike digital portraits depict characters from Disney, Studio Ghibli movies, video games (like League of Legends and The Legend of Zelda), and even well-known animated movie classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Her illustrations feature feminine Hades from the animated feature film Hercules, masculine Pocahontas from the Disney movie classic of the same name, a sophisticated male version of Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Wizard Howl and Sophie Hatter from one of the most famous Studio Ghibli movie classics with their genders switched, and much more.

Here are some good views of 29 years old illustrator.

#1 Pochahontas seems to be a great warrior with a gem in his neck. It turned to be a beautifully designed creative mind of Sakisakimi.

#2 Maleficent turned animated looks give the view of chernabog from Fantasia.

#3 Esmeralda’s gender change has captured its attitude and presented it to the next level.

#4 None would have thought to turn to an amazing and charming girl Snow White to the male gender.

#5 The blue shade of Hades indulged a thought of a dream girl with the digital portraits. Hades is a famous character from the featured film Hercules.

#6 Both the characters from Ariel are simply adorable, featuring their fantastic transformation.

#7 The next level transformation of Elsa is quite similar to Jack Frost.

#8 Phillip And Aurora is a beautiful couple with the presentation of reversed roles.

#9 Joker seems to be a vampire-like character ready to spread its venom.

#10 Next beautiful Ariel Transformation with a lovely body shaped with a gender change.

#11 Jack Skellington and Sally’s love is unconditional and unconventional, beautifully depicted by the portrait.

# 12 Princess Mononoke’s captured spirits are perfect and uniquely designed that hardly anyone else can do.

#13 The beautiful transformation from Alice and Cheshire Cat. The presentation is quite good.

#14 A fantastic change that you would not even think in your dreams of Jessica Rabbit. It is awesome.

#15 Beauty and the Beast is the most loved character. You will love the beautiful transformation of the unexpected inner beauty of female love once you watch this movie.

#16 The picture of Ursula seems to be very faithful to the character transformation.

#17 Wizard Howl and Sophie Hatter transformation are very accurate that no one can recognize their real roles.

#18 Elsa and Jack Frost transformation in their gender are exact and the artist reached his target.

#19 One would get Serious Hade’s vibes from Elsa after viewing this change.

#20 What do you think about Elsa after this?

#21 Does not it seem like Double Jinx?

#24 Fans would surely love this Supergirl alterations.


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