Artist Creates Illustrations To Help People Cope With The Day

Today we have an illustrator Robodinosaur who likes to draw monsters, dinosaurs, and many animals. 

He says he draws monsters because they are usually misunderstood and they can be alone and scared.

The artist makes cute little monsters that live in the woods and add a positive message. He hopes to make people smile and bring joy into the world. 

His art is very distinct and relatable. The comics are usually funny with a positive message in them. These illustrations are can be called as minimalistic drawings, there is only one character with a one-liner. He mostly draws a dinosaur who has some of the best and most honest one-liners. His character in the illustrations seems to be dropping some truth bombs always. They will be saying things we would like to say in our daily life.

The artist hopes to fill the reader’s daily boring life with some light of positivity with his work.

He also sells his original artwork on Etsy.

The artist explained that he loves trying new things and works with different types of art forms like markers, oil pastels, and chalk. He creates illustrations to help people cope with the day by just letting them know that they are not alone.

#1 Hangover

#2 Amen

#3 Snooze

#4 Logical thinking

#5 Woof Woof

#6 Why???

#7 Don’t care

#8Who am I ?

#9 It’s okay

#10 Be gentle

#11 Good night

#12 Too tired

#13 Introvert me

#14 Flawed and Fabulous

#15 Overthinking part 2

#16 Not again

#17 Judge me all you want

#18 Hello

#19 Overthinking

#20 Sensitive and strong

#21 Hard work

#22 Stress eating

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