Artist Draws 16 Comics That Hilariously Nailed First-Born Vs. Second-Born

For a mother, her second child proves to be more strict than the father. Do you know that it is impossible to measure the love that a firstborn brings to a home? For every parent, expecting another child is as rewarding and memorable as the first child. We also see that there are often many things to consider while waiting for another child. Which also significantly helps the older child to understand what to expect from him. It is not less than a challenge for the parents to handle both the first and the second child. It is a daunting task for the parents to organize everything before the birth of the child. If you already have a child, you are busy with it. So that your organized program can undoubtedly go beyond limits.

Mothers should also keep in mind that while pregnant, they should need the energy to take care of the older child. For the first six to eight weeks, mothers especially need energy. Especially for mothers, talented artists, Weng Chen has come up with satisfying comics. The artist herself is a mother and lives in the United States. The artist and her husband have two daughters named Ali and Electra. The artist decided to share this experience with people after going through the journey of pregnancy to give birth to children. This perfectly explains the difference between first vs second child.

#1 The First Day Of School

When it comes to parenting in our mind, many things seem to be quite powerful. Baby’s first walk and the words spoken by them are very romantic moments for the parents. The first day of school marks a milestone for a child. Parents may find the second child’s first day of school more comfortable than expected. Because at that time mainly their happy moments are also involved.

#2 The Baby Photos

Every couple is eager to have a child. When to see the picture of the child, they put it on every wall. But this does not happen in the case of the second child. Their picture is kept on the phone, especially in the cloud.

#3 Parenting

A lot of attention is paid by the parents to the education of the child. But at the time of the second child, it changes a bit. Children are given education by promoting children’s movies more at the time of the second child.

#4 The Early Learning Activities

When becoming a mother for the first time, it is very important for the mother to be worried about the child. But the grocery store is also an educational base for the other child to study.

#5 The Inspiration Phase

All mothers are naturally creative during the first stage of the baby. She also finds answers to almost everything. But second-time moms already know the solution to the baby’s problems.

#6 Wallet

The pictures of the newborn baby are always present in the pocket and the purse by the parents. But in comparison, the picture of the second child is not lucky with its image.

#7 Toys

Imported toys and designer items are heavily bought for the first child. Only toys of their choice are given to them by their parents. But second kids have to be content with old toys.

#8 The Child’s Process

First, every activity of children is considered a genius. But after the birth of the second child, this attitude of the parents gets different.

#9 You Are Pregnant

The joy you get after getting pregnant is contagious. The happiness of the first child attracts more than that of the second.

#10 The Health Pregnancy

At the time of the first child, there are different hobbies about the food of the mother. She wants to eat healthy food full of high protein and low carb. But at the time of the second child, it is not so at all.

#11 The Falling Ill Phase

When the first child becomes ill, the parents start to worry a lot. When the second child is ill, the parents feel that they will get well soon.

#12 The Hygiene

A lot of attention is paid to hygiene by the mother at the time of the first child. But not so many germs will be passed on to the other.

#13 Parenthood Gives Status

A lot of care is taken while you are pregnant. But at what time for the second child, it seems a little less now.

#14 The Everyday Dress Clothing

There is a really lovely connection between the first child and his clothes. He gets the pleasure of many new clothes.

#15 The Nursing Stage

It is also believed that there is a tendency for the second child to get a seat with Sharif and Radish more than the first child.

#16 The Fresh Food Feeding

The mother first tries to feed maximum post-pickle home food to the child. All this caring disappears in front of the second child.

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