Artist Draws Creative Comics That Takes Funny Twists

Twisted comics are full of accidents and are fun too.

If you are also a hardcore comic lover. So you must also know that many comics are so crooked. That after reading them, even your heaviest day becomes lighter with humor. The best thing about comics is that they are full of twists and turns. It is because of so many twists that curiosity is ignited in the mind of the readers. Today we bring to you the artwork of Shanghai Tango, a talented and creative artist.  This talented artist loves to add twists to artwork while maintaining humor. The reason for the fame of the artist is also his strange twist coming in the comics. Readers enjoy a lot in reading his comics which are full of humorous twists. The artist also communicates his distorted views through his clever comics.  The funny but creative depictions of this talented artist are very much influencing people too. Once you read his comics, you too will be impressed by the artist’s work. His creativity is on another level and that is why we have put together a fun list of his creative comics. You can enjoy them by scrolling down. If you like this list of artists’ artwork then also share it with your friend.

1. Lift weights.


2. Food selfie is a must.

3. When you have been dreaming about all that romance.

4. When you hug them too tightly.

5. Who wants FIFA World Cup?

6. When everyone around you thinks you are happy.

7. She can fit into anything.

8. That magical dress.

9. Summer vibes.

10. When you are done.

11. All he wants.

12. Wakeup queen.

13. You lost an artist.


14. Woah magic!

15. They are in love with each other.

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