Artist Reveals What’s Wrong With Our Modern Society In this 30 Satirical Illustration

Today we want you to meet the talented artist Mehnaz Yazdani. Mehraj Yazdani is a talented artist who has a huge fan following. The deep and meaningful work of this talented artist often portrays the problems of society in a very realistic way. The artist’s work shows how ordinary people suffer so much from things. It seems to most modern people in this society more and more often refuse to accept.

One might even say that we all have probably become used to the above problems. The reason for this is that we are always surrounded by these troubles. So much so that we don’t even notice them anymore. Let us also tell you that wars, global pandemics and many of the problems revolving around our mental selfishness are not going to go anywhere anytime soon. You may have to face them even further. Overall the work of this talented artist may give you an idea about how to live in the present. We sincerely hope that you will fully agree with the ideology of this talented artist. You can scroll down to see some samples of the artist’s work. If you like the artist’s work then share it with your friends.



During a conversation with Bored panda, the artist told that she is a storyteller. Which tries to tell most of its stories in comics and animation. The artist has told that she started her art journey 20 years ago as an animator and cartoonist. And further her focus was on making animation over the years. The artist further said that since 2015, she has been making professional editorial cartoons very well. There are many stories in her mind which keep waiting to be made. The artist further states that he needed many years to animate all these stories. That’s why the artist chose the style of the comic to tell her stories fast.



The artist further explained that it may her main feature that inspired her to create such art. A humorous approach and thinking about other people’s feelings, for example how a child feels under bombardment. All these examples help the artist a lot in making a comic story. And then later tries to describe it as comic, cartoon animation.





























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