Artist turned most inappropriate thoughts into comics that you should not show your grandmother

Today we are introducing you to an extremely witty artist Kim aka the__reddot. She makes amazing comings on the topics which some people will argue are uncomfortable and inappropriate. 

She explains that she finds it fun to include ideas of what people feel is inappropriate. Many think about these topics but do not dare say anything about it.

Kim gives you the incredible opportunity to enjoy her witty humor on things you would think are funny. She touches on a lot of topics like death, satan, periods, and the pandemic.

People love her quirky humor and her take on various situations. No doubt the__reddot has more than 432k followers on Instagram and growing. For the artist, there is no topic dubbed as taboo and out of the line. Be it, witches, satan, sex, or death her humor is tasteful and nothing is out of the question.

Scroll down and find our best picks from the__reddot’s gallery.

#1 When the wrong delivery guy delivers the right thing.

#2 I wish you to be my bartender.

#3 Nothing is real

#4 Wilson found its destiny.

#5 It’s not what it looks like.

#6 There are worst things to imagine.

#7 Sharing is never cool.

#8 Is it procrastination or just planning?

#9 There is only one key to my heart.

#10 The journey of self-validation.

#11 You can not come unannounced, text first.

#12 And the circle goes on and on.

#13 That is called literal ghosting.

#14 That’s probably the best idea.

#15 Well that was terrifying.

#16 What an unrealistic expectation to have.

#17 What a love-hate relationship that is.

#18 Nothing to see here.

#19 Just spilling some tea.

#20 It is still fine.

#21 As simple as that

#22 Just the same style every

#23 Always wanted to be a Mermaid.

#24 I decide my fate or burn it

#25 Just the regular

#26 Just the fairytale I wanna live in.

#27 Tequila does wonder.

#28 Scoot a little

#29 Everything is family-friendly here.

#30 It is a whole new world.



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