Artist Turns Famous Horror Movie Villains Into Disney Princesses

Every girl is imagining that the life of a Disney princess has to be lived by her too.  Right?  you will also agree with us

This is an undeniable fact for girls. That most of them have spent their childhood fantasizing about the lavish life of a Disney princess. And girls always wish to be like them. Her flawlessly structured face, beautiful hair, and beautiful eyes were by no means perfect. So that we talk about boys that they would give anything to be with girls like that if they were. We have tried all these princesses to be the prettiest and most innocent characters.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if these princesses were turned into psychopaths? Not just any psychopaths but famous people from horror movies. There’s an artist named Andrew Tarusov who recreated Disney princesses and turned them into maniacs. Yes, this artist did it. We hope this artist will surely blow your mind too.

Be careful though before you scroll down. Because these pictures can completely change your perception of Disney princesses. As we know we assure you this person are not innocent at all. You can enjoy the artwork by scrolling down.

1. Pennywise From It – Ariel


2. Billy The Puppet From The Saw – Snow White


3. Carrie – Pocahontas


4. Freddy Krueger From The Nightmare On Elm Street – Aurora


5. Jason From The Friday 13th – Mulan


6. Chucky From Child’s Play – Merida


7. Pinhead From The Hellraiser – Elsa


8. Hannibal Lecter From The Silence Of The Lambs – Belle


9. Michael Meyers From Halloween – Cinderella


10. Sadako Yamamura From The Ring – Rapunzel


11. Leatherface From Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Jasmine


12. Ghostface From The Scream – Tiana


Author: Prashant

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