A Fascinating Tumblr Thread on Assumptions If Titanic Arrived New York on 17th April 1912

Sometimes, it happens with us that we see a picture and start reminding certain situations and stories related. However, it seems to be quite weird, but it is true. It can be incredible but untrue information that we start representing. As per history, science also has a deep meaning. Take the example of the “dangers” of black-tiled pools. Read the entire thread below to have such examples. It is a story of Titanic arriving in New York.

#1 What if Titanic did not strike into the iceberg, then it would have reached New York on 17th April 1912. So, the entire question changes history.

#2 One more historical thought by the people regarding solar eclipse. 17th April Wednesday was the day of Solar Eclipse. On this day, people thought that God Aupolus was killed and reborn on every Solar Eclipse. There started a religious movement Order of Golden Temple in Manhattan.

#3 However, OGT got banned in England after a murder incidence by Boothe and her followers.

#4 Titanic was supposed to arrive in New York after complete 24 years of Boothe murderous cult at Pier 59.

#5 The entire New York was astonished after listening to Titanic sinking on 16th April.

#6 However, Jessica Boothe also died after she canceled the ritual. However, nothing is much clear regarding her death. But for one thing, she was for sure that The Sun God would be back with the revenge and namely on 222nd solar eclipse. This eclipse is supposed to take place on 14 December 2020.

According to the assumptions made, the sun will get eclipsed and will not arrive ever again. However, scientific facts do not state the same. Boothe’s premises will be wrong, and it is a failure to the wild predictions made by her.

So let’s wait and watch for the arrival time. People are supposed to make many assumptions, but only a few are right. These assumptions and thoughts might be wrong or right. However, it all depends. So, stay tuned!

Author: Rashi

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