33 Tragic Illustration by Artists for Raising Awareness of Animal Abuse 

Milkdongcomics creates the best illustration on Instagram with the help of images. However, one thing clear that the artwork he represents is not simple. It needs a brain to think and form a story behind. Every artwork has some story behind it. So, Milkdongcomics have created one more such as. Humans generally forgot their misdeeds done. So, this time artist has planned to create a new project which he named “Murder Scene.”

However, this art would make someone uncomfortable for sure. But one thing is clear that they will learn a good lesson from this profound story. So, here is the deep illustration.

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#1 A wild animal says that he does not want to fight with human beings. 

#2 An animation of the elephant says that he wants his teeth back.


#3 Shocking illustration of cat claims that give his clawback. 

#4 A tragic illustration shows why humans blame him.


#5 Horse in the picture says that he does not want to race. 

#6 Endangered species are asking humans to give their skin back.

#7 Cat is asking humans not to poison her in the animation. 

#8 Why you test me said by an emotional rat. 

#9 One rhino asks for their horn back so that they can live.

#10 An animal says to humans that he cannot bring happiness.  

#11 Why humans can’t let dogs giving birth to natural procedures.

#12 Stop shutting animals like dolphins in the zoos forcedly.

#13 Dolphins and many other sea animals destroyed by humans through evacuation

#14 Animated picture of shark says that why humans take fin of them. 

#15 Humans are taking off the scales of Pangolins. 

#16 Humans full the ducks so that they can take the best livers out of them. 

#17 Cats hurt by humans these days. 

#18 People are catching ice from animals for personal uses.

#19 Crying deer wants the ice back from humans for their living purposes. 

#20 Sexual abuse of animals encrypted in the illustrating picture

#21 Wild dogs do not want to become a political tool. 

#22 The traps of wild animals are illegal. 

#23 Turtle does not want to get painted, but still, people paint them.

#24 Bear bile trapped by humans for personal usage

#25 Zoos do not help in preserving animals; instead, it kills them. 

#26 Tortoises are not water animals. 

#27 Wild cat orders humans to rest them in peace. 

#28 Why humans need body parts of the animals?

#29 Antlers fall after every year so you can trap that one instead of breaking them from animals.

#30 Dog asks for their residential area from humans. 

#31 Dogs from Thailand transported to other places.

#32 It is very heartbreaking that humans perform harassment with animals.

#33 Dinosaur feel shamed by humans nowadays. 

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