Examples of Bad Teachers Shared by the Students

Teachers are an integral part of the student’s lifestyle. A teacher is the one to teach us what is right and wrong. Also, they tell us how to overcome difficult situations. They are the ones to teach their students the value of education. And today, we will see how beautifully they have helped us on many issues.

Along with the excellent teachers, many have in this field in the permanent position. However, many teachers love this profession to teach others. Usually, teachers love their tyrannical powers. Students would have surely met such teachers in their lifetime. Today, students of those teachers have been sharing their memories with their Twitter posts. And we have gathered some such examples for you. Look at how one student, @FUNTIMEZ, has been wondering and collecting memories of school time with others.

Let us move into some teacher’s stories.

So, to the naughty child, teachers make them stand after class.

#1 Wrong praying leads to death, as told by the teacher. However, it seems to be very complicated.

#2 See how cleverly the teacher asked a student to have to stick to beat him. But it seems to be quite funny when the student bought a stick for himself.


#3 It is widespread with science teachers. They are brilliant in beating children for talking for a bit.


#4 A teacher is to blame students if some disturbance occurs. But no matter if the student was at fault or not.


#5 Punishment by teachers can hurt them a lot. But teachers will never understand if the time passed can come back or not.

#6 If a teacher makes mistakes, it is not a big deal. However, when it comes to students, they are always at a significant fault.

#7 A teacher can do anything he likes, no matter how it impacted the students.

#8 A teacher should never misunderstand and discourage the qualities of a student. As the example defines below, a student once rejected is now sending a rejection letter to his teacher.

#9 A teacher makes his assumptions no matter what. They can fill the minds of students with the wrong means to fulfill their wishes. How can one say a left-handed writer could not achieve success in the future?


#10 None can say what is right and what is wrong. A person’s mind defines if he is happy or not.

#11 A teacher can do anything to gain popularity. However, they will never realize it.


#12 A teacher must be punished for such acts. Assaulting a student is illegal.


#13 I think band teacher should beat himself for this misdeed.

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