14 Exceptional Combination of Beauty with Brain People 

Smartness is one of the specific facts about the person when it comes to handling some situations. No matter what are the conditions around you people, you must be smart enough to tackle them. After all, everything says a will power can only let you achieve your results. We have been very sure and determined to meet our goals regarding any situation. Suppose you have a good sense of humor, you will use it effectively.

People using their brains efficiently are ten times more effective than those who rarely burden them. Therefore, the phrase beauty with the brain seems impossible. However, some people come up with this factor. Here are the best results faced by such people, and hence they have shared their experiences with us. 

#1 The mobile repair man founds the note of a boy on the phone saying that his girlfriend wants to check the phone. Therefore, do not give her a phone. 

#2 You should pretend that you have got a present for your girlfriend in front of her, and then guessing the game will start. This will help you to decide the best gift for her. 

#3 Keep your footwear at that place where you do not want to stand. 

#4 You can cover up your body scars with amazing tattoos.

#5 A boy was covering the situation smartly in front of his girlfriend with double statements. 

#6 A boy whitens the question that he does not know the answer.

#7 The person was living in his apartment for two years by saying that he is living on rent.

#8 Prepare a banknote game with your kid.

#9 Set password as 244466668888888, and when someone asks to say them, it is 12345678.

#10 Wear a rail track t-shirt, then your child will give you a great massage with a train.

#11 Dad explains the oxidation state to his child and then asks the oxidation state of iron man.

#12 The man was hanging out with his friend for three days and then remembered the buying of snails for his wife. 

#13 You just say look at what you are saying when you accidentally forward the chat to the same person.

#14 Girl pretends the hacking of social accounts just to start a great conversation with her crush.

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