Best Revenge of IT Guy With The Sleazy and Disrespectful Brokers

Have you ever thought of revenge with a sleazy broker? The problem of disrespect and sleazy brokers has to become huge these days. The brokers consider themselves so smart and intelligent that they pay less money to the IT candidates that they keep at their firms. However, IT guys are very stubborn and extra-smart, so they decided to teach their owners the best lesson. The IT guy used a unique trick the stubborn thought of the broker by teaching them an invaluable lesson. 

IT guys mostly have great knowledge of technology while they are working in a developing company. Therefore, they use a smart and unique technology to stop gambling and cheating activities that happen around the IT world. Brokers create large problems for the IT guys by decreasing their pay scale and office provisions after some months. However, it is not legally true to change the pay scale value after some months when you sign a contract. Let’s check following given story in detail, which helps in showing the best revenge of IT guy:

#1 An IT guy receives a job in a brokerage firm. The broker thought of paying less money for stress-full work. 

#2 The brokers were not performing work. Instead, IT guys use to work the whole day and night without getting extra-pay. 

#3 This IT guy started helping in the network equipment of the Company for raising the Company at 100%.

#4 Then the IT guy gets to know that he was going to fire for making Company growth reliable.

#5 The guy uses the ultimate trick of grabbing the red folder, which consists of every computer and technology access. 

#6 The IT guy uses this trick, and all system gets blocked after the guy quits from the Company.

#7 These sleazy brokers use the good talent of young IT people.

This is how smartness makes its way. So, what do you believe?

Author: Rashi

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