Bestselling Children’s Author Mo Willems Is Teaching Kids Drawing On YouTube

Millions of people including children, have asked to stay at home thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, where they can’t go to school or offices till the situation gets under control. Where everyone as an adult is trying their best to follow the rules and staying at home, it is getting a little difficult for the parents to convince their kids for a long vacation at home.
As we all know how difficult it is to make children understand about things, and keeping them occupied all day is a task. Therefore, for this reason, the online world has come up with various educational resources, making thousands of parents’ lives way easier.

Mo Willems⁠, a bestselling author and illustrator⁠ has announced about his online sessions called Lunch Doodles on Youtube, where he will be teaching drawing every weekday to kids who are now at home.

As due to lockdown numerous parents all around the globe are struggling with their jobs and homeschooling their kids, thus this author Mo Willems thought to come as a rescue man!

He Is Going To Take Sessions On YouTube Every Weekday At 1 p.m. EST

Mo Willems is best known for “I Will Take a Nap,” “The Pigeon Has to Go to School” and “Knufflebunny.”

The Sessions Are About 20 Minutes Long

“I know a lot of you guys are not in school.” “You’re at home right now because of all the things that are going on. Well, guess what? I’m at home, too. We’re gonna hang out together.” Willems said in an introductory video.

Mo Willems Will Be Drawing Together With Kids

This is not all, this well-known author is also encouraging children to submit questions to [email protected] Where later he will try to response to each of the question at the end of his video.

Get Ready Kids!

The author has already shared three episodes, each comprised of somewhere between 20 to 28 minutes. So all parents do tune in so that your your little ones don’t miss any episode of Luch Doodles.

So Far, People Are Loving The sessions And Here Are Some Of The Tweets Shared By The Parents


Author: Piyali Majumder

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