These men Deserves To Be Called Boyfriend Of The Year

I guess many of us are aware of the fact that in most of the relationships women are the most romantic one as compared to men. But hey, i said most not all, relationship works on communication and trust. It’s not the gestures or the amount of surprises that matter it is the trust, communication and love that matters the most. Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. You can share your love, your feelings, your ups and down with one person whom you love. Trust me, having that one person on your side with whom you can share your world is a blessing.

Let’s be real now, in most of the relationships it is vital for most of the women to feel appreciated, and i guess many of the men are aware of this fact. However, some of the CEO’s of the relationship set their standards so high, that all left for the rest of them is to learn and perform. Whether it’s a handmade gift or a candle light dinner, i think men from most of the relationships deserves a special award for being so romantic.

I’m totally in love with these gestures and i think you guys will be too. Here i compiled a set of guys whose remarkable gestures, caring abilities and love should definitely be adored and awarded.

Scroll down below to see the most romantic guys of the era.

1. His girlfriend’s feet were hurting so he took out his slippers and wore her heels. I’m overwhelmed by this gesture.

2. His wife loved Game Of Thrones so he decided to make Dragon eggs for her Birthday.

3. Can you really believe this – His girlfriend was in hospital getting chemo and she has no one who can braid her hair, look what his boyfriend did.

4. So I sent my boyfriend to buy some lemons and he came home with him. His name is Lemon.

5. So he cleaned the pantry all by himself while his girlfriend was away.

6. So he baked a cake for his girlfriend on his birthday and this was the first cake he ever baked and decorated.

7. I guess this is the only room where every couple wants to sleep. this guy created a pillow fort for his girlfriend.

8. These are only for my Girlfriend.

9. His girlfriend was too tired so he took care of her skin.

10. I think it is the perfect way to remind someone that they left something at your house.

11. So his boyfriend gifted her this on her birthday.

12. Do you guys love bacon more than flowers and your girls too, so gift your girlfriend this bouquet full of bacon flowers.

13. So His boyfriend tried to give her a meerkat experinece.

14. So my boyfriend tied this collar to my cat which say will you marry me? Isn’t it the best way to propose?

15. So his girlfriend likes to paint her nails so much that he bought this much nail paints just to surprise her.

16. My boyfriend made this cute little Squirtle for me. He still thinks he can do better but i love it.

17. So his wife was a little over drunk, so he designed a bed near the washroom with pillows and a blanket.

18. I saved for a year for this vacation. I hope his girlfriend loves the breakfast he made.

19. What an Incredible proposal at a height of 10,450 feet.

20. What a sweet present – The 365 Jar with explanation on its back. His girlfriend was amazed.

21. His girlfriend wanted a place to hang Christmas stockings, so he created one. It can be called an artificial palace of love.

22. She loves sushi so much that her boyfriend created a sushi pillow for her.

23. So his girlfriend and his cat fell asleep on him and he’s not gonna move until they wake up.

24. He designed this beautiful bouquet full of paper flowers for his wife to celebrate their first year anniversary. Can’t ask for more.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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