3 Boys Wanted To Be Like Spider-Man- Get Hospitalized After Provoking A Black Widow

Many people want to see a crossover between Spider-Man and Black Widow in real life. Undoubtedly, it will be great fun to see such an incredible makeover. Recently, three young boys came across the spider and confirmed to do something about it. The spider was poisonous, just like the character played in the Marvell Cinematic Universe. 

Why three boys provoked a black widow?

The boys, when looking after the family’s sheep, came up with the idea to get bitten by the spider. The three boys were thinking that getting bitten by the venomous spider would fit them into the iconic red-blue character. Though the Black Widow Spider is not aggressive to humans, when someone provokes it, then the result can be worse.

With a stick, the boys started stabbing the Black Widow and provoked it to attack them and turn into Spider-Man. If you are expecting that the result was respectable, then you are entirely wrong. Three boys bit themselves, and immediately got admitted to the hospital. 

After bitten up by the toxic spider, the three boys started showing numerous symptoms. It includes severe pain, muscle spasms, increase in heart rate, and abdominal cramps. Fortunately, their mother found them after some time, and the boys were instantly taken to the hospital. Otherwise, we cannot imagine how adverse the consequences can be.

What symptoms did the three boys show after bitten up by Black Widow?

The condition of the boys did not show any improvement due to which they moved to the next hospital. After receiving the correct treatment, the boys showed some signs of improvement. After five days, the boys get discharged from the hospital. Thankfully, after getting proper treatment, their condition is now functional. Now the boys are happy being back to life once again. Black Windows need to get provoked since they are not enemies of humans. 

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