6-Years Old Brother Saves Life of Sister from The Dog Attack 

You must have seen stories of superheroes in the movies. However, we are here with a new story of a real-life superhero. A boy named Bridger Walker is six years who protected his sister. The aggressive dog injured him when he was about to rescue his sister. And then he has to face 90 stitches on the wound. People are highly impressed with his kind act.

Read the full story and know what people think about him.

#1 Six years old Bridger saves his sister from the aggressive dog attack. 

He ran in-between the dogs to save the life of his sister. 

Bridger was in serious condition. He got ninth stitches on his wounds.

Bridger is a real superhero who saved his sister. 

Bridger loves his sister very much.  

Bridger is now feeling great, and then he has discharged from the hospital. 

The Captian of America has also praised the confidence of Bridger. 


Mark Ruffalo feels impressed by the boy’s braveness. 

Anne Hathaway shares a beautiful, praising story online.

Read about the views of people on this kind act.

Tim Blazin says that every big brother should protect her sister. 

Aije Alcala says that Bridger has a heart like the greek heroes. 

Ben says that the glory of the big boy will last forever. 

Galina shares that this girl must be feeling lucky to have a brave brother. 

Dora says that she wants her son to be brave like Bridger. 

Marsha Mason says that the love of brother and sister is infinite. 

Wasif says that Bridger is an extraordinary boy who has saved the life of his sister. 

Ravi believes that this story can explain the internal beauty and love. 

Jacqui says that not every hero needs to wear capes to save the life of other people.

Mario believes that Bridger is a very courageous brother. 

Shailja says that Bridger is a true hero that has raised by confident parents. 

Lynette says that God should bless this beautiful soul. 

Heather shares that the injuries of a brave boy should heal soon. 

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