Can You Answer? How A Rich Is Classy and Poor is Trashy?

The differences between rich and poor have been increasing day by day. It has been seen in 705 of the world population. Hence, there is a big division among people for their income. However, it is all due to little things. Everyone speaks of it, but none knows the real truth behind it. The fact is a rich person considers himself to be classy but a poor to be trashy. Do you ever know the real difference behind such matters?

Most of the people have learned from the fact of income inequality. We generally fall into a trap if someone asks us what so classy with rich and trashy with poor. It is important to move many people out of it.

I asked many people about the same question and see what I got as a response. Here are my most important picks for you as example. Here are below presented by me.




Here the matter was not based upon the income of a person rather the difficulties faced by them. However, the poor always beg no matter how much money he has with him.



To a poor and weird person, people call them crazy. And so, what about Police escorts?



And the comparison with food never stops.



A fake smile can depict everything if a person is rich and poor by heart. And what about the dressing sense? Does it also reflect poor and rich?



You are rich if you have a shiny name throughout the world. People think they cannot hold a wedding ceremony in expensive areas if they are poor.



Many believe, expenditure on luxury products means rich. Rich people are always in trouble.



For a rich barren house in minimalism and for poor they are not able to afford it. And now what about stealing from the middle class?



For rich, they are enjoying their time with drinking. For the poor, they cannot afford even living in a hotel.

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