Artist Reimagines These Cartoon Characters With Some Human Body Proportions.

Art with some imagination and an artist with some creativity completes everything. An Artist plays with the minds of the people. He keeps notice of everything and thus when he is fully assure of what he wants in his mind, he draws it on the board and let the creativity do his work. Cartoons, Disney films and comics are all part of the artist’s creativity. It takes a lot for an artist to put his imagination on the board and we appreciate all his hard work and creativity as their creativity has made our childhood memorable and joyful.

In your childhood day, which character from your favorite cartoon shows you adore the most? Mine was the Winx Club. I always wanted to dress them in my own way and im sure you guys would love to see your favorite characters in your way too. Have you guys ever wondered how your favorite characters would look like in real life? One such artist Mohamed Halawany decided to dress up your favorite characters like the people in the real world. He created a show called ‘Real Toons’ that shows the famous characters as real humans dressed up in a fashionable attire. This is what he says in his interview:

“I’m a self taught artist. I started as a free lancer 3D generalist in the year 2007 and now i am an art director and co founder of ‘Seven Pictures, an Egyptian media production house’. In his latest series, an artist named as Halawany m. to his 19.4k Instagram followers, mixes up the heads of the cartoons with the real bodies of the humans to give them a human look. These characters look like halfway reality and animation and the results are just amazing and interesting.

So scroll down with me to have some fun picturing your favorite cartoon characters.

1. Our smart Sheriff Woody.

2. Buzz Lightyear – Gentlemen of the year.

3. Our sexy Donald.

4. Smart and weird Rick Sanchez.

5. Our Muscular and Princess Saver – Body Builder Mario.

6. Was not aware of his smartness – Michelangelo

7. My beautiful Minnie Mouse.

8. With some fashionable accessories, we present Amy Rose in front of you.

9. I had no idea that dee dee can look this much beautiful.

10. Gym Lover Homer Simpson.

11. He needs some food for his body – Geenie

12. Our handsome Dexter.

13. Body builder Sonic The Hedgehog.

14. You have my heart mickey mouse.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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