Crushing The Essence Of the Opponent, These Are Some Of The Clever Comebacks.

These are clever of the cleverest comebacks.

Have any of you tend to stand in front of the mirror and talked to yourselves so that you can come up with great ideas and savage comebacks? and t when these ideas pop into your head, you just pat yourself for being so smart and creative all the time. But these ideas are like dreams when you urgently need one, they will not pop into your head and your mind just goes blank. Have you ever faced this situation?

No. I mean literally is it just me? I mean you all never faced this situation in your whole life. so i guess i am a different one. But i can certainly say the following persons are nothing like me. They just grab the opportunity and make the best use out of it. They use it to give a savage response.

so if you want some cool and crazy stuff and wanna know more, i guess you came to the right place.

Scroll down below to have a look at some of the cleverest comebacks.

1. Remember him? When did James from Team Rocket gathered this much courage to speak against Jessie.

2. So what are you trying to say? should we all start working from garage?

3. The most savage reason to choose Dominos over Pizza Hut.

4. I think he deserves an A+. What do you guys think?

5. I think it can’t be any more savage now.

6. The T is very important for the Bri ishers.

7.  Selena Gomez song will look perfect on this. Kill em with kindness.

8. Seriously, Physics made you cry.

9. Then just shiver in the cold weather.

10. Can you guys recall which movie they are talking about?

11. You joked to your dad and your dad joked to dad. you just god dad joked.

12. Do they even read it?

13. This man got a point.

14. Are you angry because of his smartness?

15. Really what the F*ck is this?

16. Answer to all your sadness is on Earth.




Author: Shaileza Sharma

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