The monster story demonstrated beautifully by Russian Artist- This comic monster story can make you emotional

With the many imaginations, the monster story has finally turned into an inspiring comic strip. On the Internet, many people create a good story which is surely lovable. Usually, we feel like heaven when we see posts from the artists illustrating a good story. The illustration of monsters has become easy with the pictures presented by the artists. Here is one such example in front of you. 

A sincere Story

The story that we are going to present here is the comic one presented by an artist. However, she caught up the imagination of different people with this story. The story may represent something else, though, but the comic one is the best. 

Thanks to Natalya Sorokina, a Russian artist who claimed that it’s her first coloured comics ever. He has represented a serious story of the monster giving a comic turn. For sure you will love this one. Give a look at the attractively set of illustrations from her comic strip:

#1 Charlotte Dower’s first mother faced humanoid. She had been with Charlotte for four years. However, she did not feel frightened by Bubba anymore.

#2 Across the room beneath the crib of Charlotte’s brother, Daniel is a rookie who later named Chico. It’s a Creek type of monster.

#3 The monster ran an ice-cold finger over Charlotte’s cheek.

#4 Charlotte whispers, “I am not afraid of you monster!”

#5 Her voice was shivering. After a few minutes, the monster can hear Francis Gideon. That man was shouting at his wife.

#6 The monster found substantial footsteps on the stairs. Charlotte crawls under the bed with a monster.

#7 The room’s door opened, and the monster suspected the stink of human intoxicants before Francis came inside.

#8 The monster claimed why Charlotte did not feel scared of any monster. It was because she is afraid of that man.

#9 Francis extended his hand under Charlotte’s bed. The monster pushed its wrist into it. 

#10 Francis starts to pull the wrist and the monster slide out.

#11 The monster warned Francis. He told him if he ever touched, scared, or harmed the child, and then he will do the same for Francis. 

#12 Francis ran from the room.

#13 The monster dragged Charlotte from under the bed. The monster wished her goodnight and said he would come to be back tomorrow again.

When it comes to motivation, Natalya loves surfing different styles and exploring galleries for unique techniques. She calls her creativeness as a free therapy session. Thus you will finally get rid of sadness in life.

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