Artist Ryan Pagelo Creates 30 New Comics Cute With Dark Endings

Ryan pagelo is one of the wonderful artists from Chicago. Since 2009, she was indulging herself in making the most popular webcomic named “Bunni Comic”. The creative artist used to create fascinating and mood-changing pieces which are having characters of animals, foods, and many more everyday objects. These comics are always wind up with an attractive twist.
Ryan has gathered a lot of fans following by demonstrating comics. The best online comic’s name was given to the bunny in 2013 by the national cartoonist’s society. “Buni: happiness is a state of mind” has been published by Ryan. She is having more than 700k followers on Instagram.

Some of his works have been published in the mad magazine. Her books are mainly based on Go Comics and webtoon. Ryan pagelo was a photographer when he was not writing comics. In the book, the bunny loves a girl but she loves anyone else. He was having the best intentions about the work but nothing seems to work.

#1 sometimes helping is not helpful

#2 miserable things happen

#3 happy evenings

#4 irritating people are present around us

#5 Monday morning is painful

#6 goodness wins over evils

#7 yoga makes people happy

#8 planning never fails

#9 dieting is not easy

#10 everything does not happen what we think

#11 new things may change the mood

#12 never underestimate yourself

#13 normal things may take a huge place

#14 clever businessman

#15 overheat may be dangerous

#16 small things damage the overconfident

#17 plant may be dangerous

#18 forced work makes sad

#19 beat the clock

#20 irritated person

#21 happiest birthday

#22 some things are very useful in future

#23 overthink makes confusion

#24 Saturday and Sunday make everyone happy

#25 something is better than nothing

#26 don’t be overconfident

#27 cake made overnight


#28 a beautiful mermaid

#29 scary lotion

#30 injections would help you



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