Couple Took In A Stray Cat – And She Gave Birth In Their Closet

A white stray cat sauntered into a couple’s home, meowing and begging to stay. The couple Nate and Emily gave her food and took her in because they couldn’t leave her out there to fend for herself.

When they opened the door, and the cat strutted right in as if she had been there all her life. The family was in love with her and knew they couldn’t part with her. They named her Dusty and took her to the vet for a check up. And the sweet cat surprised them with the most adorable gift – she was pregnant.

Finally, she brought these tiny kittens into the world. They were born in the comfort of a safe and warm home with their mama by their side, feeding and caring for them. These little kittens survived and began to thrive.

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The couple fell in love with the sweet family, and they soon realized that the cat had chosen them to be her family. They were glad to become her family’s permanent food provider.

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