10+ Hilarious Life Hacks Fails That Are Just Downright Genius

Sometimes human inventions give rise to stranger things- like comfortable life hacks that no one will ever eventually use. It seems like people got bored from regular useful hacks and just to add some flavor in life they decided to share some opposite useful hacks with the Internet that are mind-numbing!!
Recently we came across ShittyLifeProTips in Reddit and thought to sum it all up for you, The hacks are absolutely hilarious and will make sure you laugh hard while scrolling down all those stupid funny stuff that you might have never thought!

1. Use Toilet Seat As Your Meal Tray!

And always ready to poop after your meal!

  2. Eat For Free Using This Trick!

Clever trick ya!

3.  Too Hot Outside? Try This!

Butt -brella the savior.

4. You Just Need To Add Water!

Don’t try, just kidding.

5. Colorblind Test!

This is plain wicked!

6. Less Effort!

Saves your time.

7. No Foot Cleaner? Your Cat Ca Be One!

8. Plug A Surge Protector Into Itself!

Get infinite power ya!

9. Tips For Students!

just fake it.

10. Use Your Hoodie As Popcorn Bowl!

Tada! Eat, work, repeat.

11. Too Lazy To Press Your Shirt, Gain Weight And Get Rid Of Crease Instantly!

I’m officially mind-blown

12. Too Much Water In The Rice Bowl? Put Your Phone To Absorb Some!

It will actually help you.

13. Bathroom Tip To Minimize Your Poop Noise

I’m gonna try this at office today.

14. No Spoon, No Promlem!

Nothing can stop your a hungry stomach.

15. Time Saving Tip!

Such a brilliant idea right?

16.  No More Tears!

Problem Solved

17. Maybe You Make Them Laugh!

Or mabybe you get punches and kicks from them.

18. Use Plastic Cap As Fruit Holder!

Well, it does look fancy.

19. Heat Your Cold Snacks With Laptop Charger!

Lazy hack for you all

20. Fill A Gloves With A Beans And Place It On Your Baby’s Back

Now you can your fav series while he’s asleep

21. Throw Your New TV Box On Your Neighbor’s Side!

That way you wouldn’t get robbed.

22.  Hole In Your Sock? No Need to Buy New One!

Play smart.

23. Here’s How To Keep Cake Moist

24. Wear This Vest To Protect Your Personal Space!

much needed one

25. Use A Glass Of Water As Phone Screen Magnifier!

Give your eyes some rest

26. Use A Gun To Sneak Chocolate Bar Into Cinema!

27.  Cut Your Tennis Balls In Half To Get Extra Space!


28. Do The Toilet Roll Tube Selfie And Pretend To Be James Bond

29. Use Your Seat Belts As Bottle Opener!

But no drink and drive.

30. Tangled Headphones? Put This To Test!

This makes perfect sense lol!

Author: Piyali Majumder

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