Creative Dad Uses Photoshop To Bring His Children’s Animal Drawings To Life

Children’s pictures are always pleasing to the mind and are also creative. The doodles made by them look very attractive and that is why they also become a source of inspiration for the parents. And also to people around them to make something. Tom Curtis, father of two children AI and Dom. He has a very interesting idea after seeing several naive and imaginative pictures. This father tries to bring his children’s drawings to life in real life. That’s why he uses photoshop to paint the artwork. These pictures sometimes look strange and even terrifying. Tom Curtis also runs an Instagram page called ‘Thing I Have Drawn’. He often shares these funny pictures to make people laugh.


#1. Something cool, that I don’t understand, has happened to the shape of Alistair’s hand.

#2. Oh, my word. What is that bird?!

#3. Look, it’s a chick! He’s got legs and a face, And thin bits of a feather all over the place.

#4. This giraffe’s like a unicorn, in a weird kind of way.

#5. We spotted this frog, perched on a leaf.

#6. There’s a goose on the loose!

#7. Some of our creations make me shudder.

#8. Is that a squirrel up in the tree?

#9. My little pony is skinny and bony.

#10. It was nice of these dogs to give us a pose.

#11. What type of bird is this bird of prey?

#12. What is it? A little tit. Oh my. He’s learning to fly.

#13. We’ve done a couple of pigs before.

#14. Here’s a dolphin, jumping out of the swell. Is it a robot?

#15. I Know you might think that I’m laughing, Well I’m not- because this is an actual giraffe

#16. Move on everyone – there’s nothing to see. Just a dog. With bird’s legs. Up in a tree.


#17. We’re at the canal. And look, we’re in luck… We’ve spotted a rather rare long-legged duck.

#18. This is a seal. He’s real.

#19. We just saw this woodpecker up in a tree.

#20. Of course, it’s a horse.

#21. There’s no stranger bird that I’d rather meet, than a pigeon with claws and two extra feet.

#22. A platypus! (Not something I thought I’d see). Is that where his bill is supposed to be?

#23. This little robin made us all smile. It might be his crest (with that comb-over style)

#24. What type of bird do you think this is?

#25. A lynx, I think.

Author: Prashant

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