Creepy Comics That Have Unpredictable Endings.

Can you guys recall a way to keep yourself busy in the past? Apart from playing games and watching TV, i guess comics were our best friends. We all can surely recall that time when we use to keep ourselves busy reading the famous comic books. But with the modern world and the rapid technology, the craze for the comic books has been lost somewhere. A few years back, famous writers Ehud Lavski and Yael Nathan started writing short comic stories and  uploading them to the internet. Till the date, their comic stories has been read by over 20 million times and most of the readers feel strong emotional connection while reading them.

From where the ideas for these comics come? well, the answer is from everywhere. For some comics the idea appears as a whole, for some comics the ideas comes with the dreams and for the rest it comes from the nightmares. According to the writers, Ehud Lavski and Yael Nathan, whenever an idea hits their head and refuses to come out of their head, that is when they know its time to turn their ideas into stories.

Below is their latest work on comics. The below given three stories are fairy tales in their own way: an old man with vengeance on his mind, a dangerous comic book and a barren couple going on a vacation. Just like each human is different from others, the below given stories are pretty much different from each other, but i hope you will love them all equally. I really hope you guys will like them.

If you guys love these comic stories and wanna support these writers work, then you can follow them online. Just google their names and you will be able to grab each and everything you wanna know.

Scroll down below to have some fun.

A Wicked Man



Author: Shaileza Sharma

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